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GetFeedback is an agile customer experience platform helping businesses understand their customers so they can take action when it matters most.


Branding, Web Design, Art Direction



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GetFeedback, a CX platform by SurveyMonkey, needed to uplevel its identity and perception to be more competitive with enterprise players like Qualtrics and Medalia.

They wanted to be more relatable and more customer-centric.
The customer’s experience, rather than a 360-degree view, is a multi-dimensional view with many layers. Based on this assumption, we work on a concept for the identity: Layers, a free-flowing identity of many components layering on one another, illustrating the complexity while messaging an agile platform.


We drafted over 300+ logos and landed on a simple mark that included an arrow and hinted to the letter G. The arrow was meant to be an element that flowed through the many layers of the brand and electrified elements.


For the logo, we chose Montserrat Medium, the same typeface chosen for SurveyMonkey. We adjusted the letter G for a closer connection to the parent brand and polished some letter forms. The result was a font that was easy to read left to right and maintain the connection with the parent company.


To reinforce the connection, green and yellow were a logical choice but we worked diligently to find a more mature green.


The direction of the typography and layout was to use Halyard as the most prominent font, while using Zilla as the more domininet.

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