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Branding, Art Direction



Focused on helping founders to get more out of their funding experience, FUSE is an early-stage Venture Firm that operates globally but feels local. They’re the type of investors founders are looking for. Well connected, hungry, but most importantly real.


The Venture Capital industry is over fifty years old and started as a way to help founders scale without having to go public. Nowadays, capital is table stakes and everyone seems to have it. Industry-leading titans are now seeing younger players, like FUSE, flex their elbows as they understand the founder's dilemma and find new differentiation.



In-depth research shows that companies in the Venture industry have a lack of identity on their communication as a brand. Half-baked websites, low-grade communication and poor headlines result in a lack of spirit across brands and consequently in low differentiation among competition in terms of purpose, mission and vision.

Our goal was to create a brand with a strong, clear and a differentiating identity. Starting from the co-founder vision “Founders and venture capitalists together can have multiplicative growth. They’re better together.” aligned with the team's young and "hungry" lion spirit we created a brand in which more is more. This concept inspired the tone to set the identity and the philosophy of all the visual languages.



VC companies lack brand identity and, consequently, the way they differentiate themselves from their competitors.FUSE’s logo form was inspired by its vision: founders + venture = multiplicative growth.


The font illustrated speed and the idea of a modern-day race car, as it's the way FUSE handles business. Red was chosen as it claims speed, tenacity, and momentum.


All the visual language stems from its vision of multiplicative growth and each element can be combined to illustrate concepts.

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