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Product Shop

From an idea to a MVP, followed by strategizing to build and scale, Product Shop helps company leaders turn ideas into reality quickly using cutting-edge technologies, process, and expertise.


Branding, Web Design, Art Direction



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Product Shop is a curious, strategic, dedicated and driven talent company based in Silicon Valley.

They consider themselves highly technical, up-to-date on all the latest technologies, collaboratives, accountable and they offering a glove customer service and process to validate the ideas as efficiently and effectively as possible


We created a language based on code and engineering both to highlight its technologically advanced approach and to be understood by their target audience. The visual language is bold, futuristic and confident, just like Product Shop identity. We used mostly symbols that convey what Product Shop does, paired with images that are strategically used to tell their story.


The logo mark was built with precision and craftsmanship in mind. It is pixel perfect based on Code and with an intense dedication and respect to craft and engineering. The mark also embodies their industry and reinforces its values by using the forward slash and greater than symbol, two commonly used characters in engineering.

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Homepage - Desktop 1440.png

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