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Ballistic Ventures

Founded by a profound believe of the urgency and moral responsibility to address the growing threats of society’s digital infrastructure, Ballistic Ventures is a new kind of venture capital firm, built by and for cybersecurity entrepreneurs and investors.


Branding, Web Design, Art Direction



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We live in a society that is increasingly dependent on digital infrastructure, which makes security vital. The number of cybersecurity companies has tripled in the last three years, and the industry has become too complex for generalist VC firms.

Ballistic Ventures is fully dedicated to cybersecurity, offering founders high levels of specialization and advocacy. We help founders quickly achieve impact, and accelerate them through their entire journey.

Ballistic approach is based on four main principles: defense, speed, integrity and resilience.


Everyday engineers are racing to create the most powerful technologies and algorithms that will determine our future as society. Based on Ballistic's approach, it’s easy to remember the famous quote "The best defense is a good offense." and that was the turning point to develop our work.

Having the definition of the word Ballistic as a framework, “the science or art of designing and accelerating projectiles so as to achieve a desired performance”, we develop a logo mark construction that illustrates the speed and precision that represent the firm.

The gradient shows the fast pace that further illustrate their essence, like a bullet cutting through time and space. We used Monument Extended, a typeface with great versatility that was altered to evoke a faster look and to feel more appropriate to the tech industry. Roc Grotesk was the font chose to be used

We choose blue, as a meaning of security and protection, and black, to highlight a futuristic environment and vintage aesthetic.

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